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Welcome To Gameshop Welcome To Gameshop

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It's accurate..

..but you have to realize that gamestop employees are forced to push that shit else they will get less hours or get fired.

Now granted, they're supposed to gauge the customer's interest and not prod incessantly if they can tell they're just not interested. But, expect to be asked at least one thing before making your purchase. Everything else is dependent on the store you go to. While most of them are full of social rejects/car salesmen who won't look you in the eye and won't let you leave until you reserve something, some of them have really awesome employees who care more about conversation than pushing sales.

I think this would have been more powerful and a stronger jab at gamestop if you went into the insane amount of shit that corporate expects their employees to sell every day. If more people bitched out their customer service reps, things might eventually go back to what it was like at eb games. But this is also coming from a gamestop employee, so my opinion is worthless.

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Obama Vs. Mccain Obama Vs. Mccain

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It may have been because I've already seen the gif, but this is just alright. The use of intraweb slang and drawing over their faces in an attempt of humor seemed more forced than anything.

Anddd here's the gif that was released within minutes of the election's results - 2/MiyaKome/4chan%20glory/122582505646 0.gif

Though I doubt that this Flash was a creation independent of that image.